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Genesis - Selling England By The Pound (1973)

"This Is tHe bEsT GeNEsiS album and Prog album Ever!!!11.It's Full of rich textures and superb song writing, GENESIS were at their creative peak. "Selling..." moves from pop-like songs (I know what I like) to pure prog-like "Battle Of Epping Forest". This is a very fulfilling album and musicianship is very high here with some incredible song writing. The sound reproduction is much better than previous albums as well. This is an essential recording for everyones progressive rock collection."

  • - Tony Banks / keyboards, 12 String guitar

  • - Phil Collins / drums, percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals(4)

  • - Peter Gabriel / lead vocals, percussion, flute, oboe

  • - Steve Hackett / electric guitar, nylon guitar

  • - Mike Rutherford / bass guitar, 12 string guitar, electric Sitar

  1. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight

  2. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

  3. Firth Of Fifth

  4. More Fool Me

  5. The Battle Of Epping Forest

  6. After The Ordeal

  7. The Cinema Show

  8. Aisle Of Plenty
Link: http://lix.in/a3698a

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this disc is amazing...congrats!!!