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Premiata Forneria Marconi - Storia Di Un Minuto (1972)

Storia di un Minuto is the first album(1972) by the Italian Symphonic progressive band.

To a first band album,this record has very complex keyboards and very peacefull parts like ''Dove...Quando Part I and II'' and very rock-celtic-folk songs that creates the equilibrium for the album.

The First Song, Introduzione its one of the most complex and criative introductions of all time.It has a slow and quiet beginning and starts growing as the song continue.

The music on this album is so melodious, with oodles of acoustic guitar, piano, synthesizer, Mellotron and organ. Not forgetting bass, drums, flute and violin.
The sounds from these instruments are weaved together expertly and provide a joyous musical texture. Frankly, this music sounds so good I couldn't care less what genre of music it comes from.I like all the tracks very much, but the more well-known are 'Impressioni di Settembre', 'È Festa' and 'La Carrozza Di Hans', these becoming the band's anthems at concerts by all accounts. No wonder, as they are superb. I marvel at how 'together' each track sounds. 'È Festa' (which could be translated as "it's a party", "it's party time" or "it's festivity") is almost onomatopoeic: very vivacious and infectious . Great bass, guitar, keyboards, drums and flute. 'Grazie Davvero' is also a favourite of mine, with calm parts, big-band sounding parts, great acoustic guitar, and melody. (-fitzcarraldo)

1 - Introduzione
2 - Impressioni Di Settembre
3 - E' Festa
4 - Dove...Quando... (Parte 1)
5 - Dove...Quando... (Parte 2)
6 - La Carrozza Di Hans
7 - Grazie Davvero


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