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Jethro Tull - Stand Up(1969)

Stand Up is the second album by Jethro Tull. Prior to this album, original guitarist Mick Abrahams had left the band due to musical conflicts with Ian Anderson. Abrahams wanted to stay with the blues-rock sound of This Was, while Anderson wished to branch out into other musical forms. Stand Up represents the first album where Anderson is in full control of the music and lyrics. The album goes in a different direction, introducing influences from Celtic music, folk and classical music. It reached #1 on the British charts. The album cover, originally a woodcut designed by artist James Grashow, opened up and the band's personnel stood up, similar to a child's pop-up book, linking into the album's title.

Glenn Cornick: bass guitar
Clive Bunker: drums, percussion
Martin Lancelot Barre: electric guitar, flute
Ian Anderson: flute, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, piano, balalaika, mouth organ, vocals
Strings arranged and conducted by David Palmer

Track listing
"A New Day Yesterday" – 4:10
"Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square" – 2:12
"Bourée" (J. S. Bach arr. Jethro Tull) – 3:46
"Back To The Family" – 3:48
"Look Into The Sun" – 4:20
"Nothing Is Easy" – 4:25
"Fat Man" – 2:52
"We Used To Know" – 3:59
"Reasons For Waiting" – 4:05
"For A Thousand Mothers" – 4:13
This album was remastered with four additional bonus tracks:
"Living In The Past" (Bonus) – 3:23
"Driving Song" (Bonus) – 2:44
"Sweet Dream" (Bonus) – 4:05
"17" (Bonus) – 3:07

The instrumental "Bourée" is one of Jethro Tull's better-known songs, and is a re-working of Bourrée in E minor by J.S.Bach.

The song "We Used to Know" may have been the inspiration for The Eagles' 1976 hit song "Hotel California". The chord progressions are nearly identical, and the bands toured together prior to the release of "Hotel".


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Anônimo disse...

Wow, someone else noticed that the Eagles appear to have stolen the chords to Hotel California from Jethro Tull! I noticed in 1975, but have never come across anyone else who has until now!

Jordök disse...

Eagles appers to have a very good ''INFLUENCE'' from jethro tull