segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2007

Supertramp - Crime Of The Century

"The sweetest of all the crimes of any century. My first album ever acquired and still one of my favorites and I have bought thousands of them. From the harmonica intro of School to the fade-out of the title-track this is a major work of art. This album was capital to me in my teens, as most of us related to the story of Rudy's alienation to his surrounding world (that track is the center piece of the concept). It is easier to point out the one slightly weaker number than list the outstanding ones : If Everyone is the only imperfection in here but it is still essential to the rest. It also took me some time to accept the wanker chorus of Dreamer, but the incredible bass behind made it pass."
  • Bob C Benberg / drums, percussion
  • Roger Hodgson / vocal, guitar, pianos
  • John Anthony Helliwell / saxophones, clarinets, vocals
  • Dougie Thomson / bass
  • Richard Davies / vocals, keyboards, harmonica

  • 1. School (5:35)
  • 2. Bloody well Right (4:26)
  • 3. Hide in your Shell (6:52)
  • 4. Asylum (6:30)
  • 5. Dreamer (3:19)
  • 6. Rudy (7:07)
  • 7. If everyone was Listening (4:05)
  • 8. Crime of the Century (5:20)


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