domingo, 29 de julho de 2007

Deep Purple - Burn

Burn is a hard rock album by Deep Purple released in 1974. It introduced new vocalist David Coverdale and bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes from Trapeze. They replaced Ian Gillan and Roger Glover. This was the first Deep Purple album with the "Mark III" lineup. With the addition of Coverdale and Hughes, Purple's hard rock sound becomes more boogie oriented, incorporating elements of soul and funk which would become much more prominent on the follow up album, Stormbringer.
'"Might Just Take Your Life" / "Coronarias Redig"' was Deep Purple's first UK single in two years. Released on February 12th, three days before the album.

"Burn" – 6:05
"Might Just Take Your Life" – 4:36
"Lay Down, Stay Down" – 4:15
"Sail Away" (Coverdale, Blackmore) – 5:48
"You Fool No One" – 4:47
"What's Goin' on Here" – 4:55
"Mistreated" (Coverdale, Blackmore) – 7:25
"A 200" (Blackmore, Lord, Paice) – 3:51

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