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Dream Theater - Images And Words

Images and Words is the second album by progressive metal band Dream Theater from 1992.
It is the first album on which Dream Theater's current singer, James LaBrie, appears, and is considered a seminal release in the progressive metal genre
Pull Me Under received substantial airplay on radio stations and MTV, and to this day remains the band's biggest hit. The album itself is also the most commercially successful of all Dream Theater's albums, attaining gold record certification in the U.S. and platinum in Japan
The album is also notable as being the only studio album by the group (until Octavarium, almost 15 years later, and its follow-up, Systematic Chaos) not to include at least one instrumental track. Coincidentally some of the additional recordings to this album were recorded in the same studio (BearTracks) where Octavarium was recorded, in The Hit Factory.
To celebrate the albums 15th anniversary the band stated that they will play the album in its entirety 15 times on the "Chaos In Motion" tour.

James LaBrieLead & Background Vocals
Kevin MooreKeyboards
John MyungBass
John PetrucciGuitars
Mike PortnoyDrums and Percussion

Track List:
"Pull Me Under" – 8:15 (music by Dream Theater, lyrics by Moore)
"Another Day" – 4:24 (Dream Theater and Jay Beckenstein, Petrucci)
"Take the Time" – 8:21 (Dream Theater)
"Surrounded" – 5:30 (Dream Theater, Moore)
"Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper" – 9:32 (Dream Theater, Petrucci)
"Under a Glass Moon" – 7:04 (Dream Theater, Petrucci)
"Wait for Sleep" – 2:32 (Moore)
"Learning to Live" – 11:31 (Dream Theater, Myung)


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