terça-feira, 21 de agosto de 2007

The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour is the name of the album and double EP by the English rock band The Beatles, first released in late 1967 (see 1967 in music). The double EP was recorded at the end of an extremely creative 18-month period.
It is also a one-hour television film that was originally aired, in black and white, in the UK in 1967 (see 1967 in television). After critical and public response to the premiere proved negative, plans to air the film on ABC Television in the U.S. were cancelled, and Magical Mystery Tour didn't appear in the U.S. until 1976, as a theatrical release on the midnight movies and college circuits, both of which were mainly underground.


01 - Magical Mystery Tour
02 - The Fool On The Hill
03 - Flying
04 - Blue Jay Way
05 - Your Mother Should Know
06 - I Am The Walrus
07 - Hello Goodbye
08 - Strawberry Fields Forever
09 - Penny Lane
10 - Baby You're A Rich Man
11 - All You Need Is Love


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