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The Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup

Goats Head Soup is an album by The Rolling Stones released in 1973. It was recorded as the follow-up to 1972's critically acclaimed Exile on Main St.

Goats Head Soup was a more polished production than the raw and ragged Exile on Main St. It reflected the resurgence of soul-pop and the rise of funk, while maintaining the Stones' distinctive rock sound and hazy production.
This was the last Rolling Stones album produced by Jimmy Miller, who had worked with the band since 1968's Beggars Banquet. Aside from the official band members, other musicians appearing on Goats Head Soup include keyboard players Billy Preston, Nicky Hopkins, and unofficial member Ian Stewart.

The album cover was designed and photographed by David Bailey, an old friend of Mick Jagger's, who had worked with The Rolling Stones since 1965. The head shot of Mick Jagger on the front cover was approximately life size in the original 12 inch LP format.

The album is best known for its lead single, "Angie". Although it was a departure for The Rolling Stones as a ballad, it nonetheless sailed to #1 in the US and became a worldwide hit. Contrary to popular belief, the song was not about David Bowie's first wife Angela, but Richards' lover Anita Pallenberg. Many years after its release, Keith Richard's daughter with Pallenberg, Dandelion, would rename herself Angela after the song.

Despite its laid-back sound, many of Goats Head Soup's songs have a darker quality to them, whether through opener "Dancing With Mr. D" (D as in Death); the Top 20 US hit "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)", a rare political song criticizing the New York police for the accidental shooting of a ten-year-old they claimed they had mistaken for a bank robber; or the band's infamous tribute to groupies, "Star Star" — perhaps The Rolling Stones' sleaziest rocker.
The sessions for Goats Head Soup were abundant with outtakes, two of which, "Tops" and "Waiting on a Friend", would surface on Tattoo You in 1981, and feature Mick Taylor on guitar.
Released in late August, Goats Head Soup shot to #1 worldwide in time for The Rolling Stones' fall 1973 European Tour, where three slots in the set list were given to the new material. While it is generally considered to lack the energy and spark of their last few releases, the album has endured as a popular seller and has gone triple platinum in the US.
In 1994, Goats Head Soup was remastered and reissued by Virgin Records.

All songs by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. "Winter" is reportedly written by Mick Jagger and Mick Taylor, though Taylor never received any credit.

"Dancing With Mr. D" – 4:53
"100 Years Ago" – 3:59
"Coming Down Again" – 5:54
"Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)" – 3:27
"Angie" – 4:33
"Silver Train" – 4:27
Hide Your Love – 4:12
"Winter" – 5:31
"Can You Hear The Music?" – 5:31
"Star Star" – 4:25


Mick Jagger - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Harmonica
Keith Richards - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Mick Taylor - Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Bass,
Charlie Watts - Drums
Bill Wyman - Bass
Chuck Finley - Trumpet
Nicky Harrison - String Arrangement
Nicky Hopkins - Piano
Jim Horn - Flute
Bobby Keys - Saxophone
Jimmy Miller - Percussion
Pascal - Percussion
Billy Preston - Piano, Organ, Clavinet, Percussion
Jim Price - Saxophone
Rebop - Percussion
Ian Stewart - Piano


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