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King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black

Starless and Bible Black is an album released by the British progressive rock band King Crimson in 1974. Most of the vocal pieces on the album are satires on the sleaziness and materialism of society, similar to the track "Easy Money" on their previous 1973 album Larks' Tongues in Aspic.Overview
The most serene track is an instrumental piece for violin, bass guitar and mellotron flute entitled "Trio". Even though there are no drums on the piece, drummer Bill Bruford received a composition co-credit because the piece was improvised live in concert and Bruford's decision not to add any percussion was seen by the rest of the band as a crucial choice.The last two tracks on the album, "Starless and Bible Black" and "Fracture", are jazz-rock fusion pieces similar to those on Larks' Tongues in Aspic.
Several songs from the album were recorded live in concert, with applause edited out. The only songs recorded entirely in the studio were the first two tracks, "The Great Deceiver" and "Lament". "We'll Let You Know" was an improvisational piece recorded in Glasgow. "The Mincer" was another improv, recorded in Zürich and overdubbed in the studio. "Trio", "Fracture", and "Starless and Bible Black" were recorded at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, as was the introduction to "The Night Watch" (the remainder was recorded in the studio). The complete Amsterdam Concertgebouw concert was released by the band in 1998 as The Night Watch.
David Cross – Violin, Viola, Keyboards
Robert Fripp – Guitar, Mellotron, Devices
John Wetton – Bass and Vocals
Bill Bruford – Drums
George Chkiantz – acoustic coordinator
Peter Henderson – assistant engineer
Tom Phillips – cover design
"Equipment by Chris and Tex"

"The Great Deceiver" (John Wetton, Robert Fripp, Richard Palmer-James) – 4:02
"Lament" (Fripp, Wetton, Palmer-James) – 4:00
"We'll Let You Know" (David Cross, Fripp, Wetton, William Bruford) – 3:46
"The Night Watch" (Fripp, Wetton, Palmer-James) – 4:37
"Trio" (Cross, Fripp, Wetton, Bruford) – 5:41
"The Mincer" (Cross, Fripp, Wetton, Bruford, Palmer-James) – 4:10
"Starless and Bible Black" (Cross, Fripp, Wetton, Bruford) – 9:11
"Fracture" (Fripp) – 11:14

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