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Rush - Rush (1974)

Rush is the first studio album by the Canadian band Rush, released in 1974 (see 1974 in music) and remastered in 1997.
Rush's first release shows much of the hard rock/blues sound typical of many of the popular rock bands emerging from Britain earlier in the decade. Rush were fans of bands such as Led Zeppelin and Cream and these influences can be heard in most of the songs on this debut.
Due to a limited budget, the sessions were scheduled during the late night 'dead' time in studios which, due to lack of activity at those times, had lower rates. This is a common theme among rising rock stars (Queen was forced to do the same for their debut album). Originally the sessions were produced by Dave Stock at Eastern Sound in Toronto. Stock had also worked on the band's debut single (a cover of Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" with an original composition "You Can't Fight It" on the B-side). These songs (plus what may be the unrecorded original song "Fancy Dancer" and/or "Garden Road" with "Fancy Dancer" being more likely) were going to be included on the album but were scrapped. Two of the Eastern Sound recordings, "In the Mood" and "Take A Friend" were included on the final album.

The album was first released on Moon Records in Canada. Only 3,500 copies of the original were pressed. The album was picked up by WMMS, a radio station in Cleveland, Ohio. Donna Halper, a DJ working at the station, selected "Working Man" for her regular play list. Copies of the Moon Records album were imported to the Cleveland area and quickly sold out. The song's blue collar theme resonated with hard rock fans and this new found popularity led to the album being re-released by Mercury Records in the U.S. Manager Ray Danniels scraped together an additional $9000 for producer Terry Brown to re-mix all of the recordings to improve the sound quality. The remix version was used for all later releases.

Geddy LeeLead vocals and bass
Alex LifesonGuitars and vocals
John RutseyDrums and vocals

"Finding My Way" – 5:06
"Need Some Love" – 2:19
"Take a Friend" – 4:24
"Here Again" – 7:35
"What You're Doing" – 4:22
"In the Mood" – 3:34
"Before and After" – 5:34
"Working Man" – 7:10


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